The StartUpNation Gist.

Another spectacular Monday morning. The cold’s hitting at below 4 degrees(lol). Hope the weekend was great. Trust you had fun and for those that procrastinated, hope the thought of Monday’s workload didn’t stop you from having fun. We over here are having fun at work(as it should be).

We won’t be posting any tips today(bummer yeah?).  We just want to keep you abreast of what’s happening over here at StartUp Nation Africa.
First, do you know we have a Facebook page? Oh yes we do. Head over to StartUpNation Africa’s Facebook page and like us. Are you following us on Twitter? If you aren’t, who do you follow? Follow StartUpNation Africa’s Twitter page here. You know these details are sitting right at the end of this page but most people just read posts and close the page without making it to the footer.

Next, we would be serving you new contents every Monday and Friday but feel free to check in anytime and go through our archive.

Remember, at StartUpNation Africa, we believe in growing sustainable businesses. With the right Resources &Structure, we’re confident that entrepreneurs can build businesses into Empires.We structure and raise funds for existing businesses.. Let us put that icing on the cake for you. Fill our form and register your business here and let’s embark on that business development journey together.

Also if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment in our comment section below or send us a mail at


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