How To Market Your Business.

YESSS. I’m back again with my “How Tos” and YES, i will be giving a list today. 4 short and inexpensive ways to market your business.

  • Know your Business: This is the most important. You can’t market what you don’t know, can you?- Your guess is as good as mine. Be very prepared to take on the market head on. Have the right structure, investment(s), the right documents(where necessary), a successful pitch e.t.c You can register your business here if you need help with any of this.
  • Create Local Awareness: You don’t have to think big when it comes to your marketing efforts. Think locally. What’s going on in your community? Get to know your ideal customer and think about how and where they spend their time. Then search for opportunities to get in front of your customer with your marketing message.
  • Leverage Social Media: It’s free, easy to get started and offers a massive network of potential customers so tell me, why wouldn’t you want to explore the world wide web? It’s FREE. However, make sure you focus on value over volume.  Identify the social channels that reach your customers best – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. Figure out what works best for you and build a solid plan around it.
  • Be Referral-worthy: Satisfied clients can be a business’s best marketing tool. Offer an excellent service to someone and trust me, he’ll talk about you. Offer crappy services and don’t expect that customer to call back not to talk of refer anyone. Actively engage already existing clients through social media, email and other means available to you. Gather feedbacks and constantly improve yourself.

Marketing a small or new business is extremely crucial to a company’s success but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest a huge chunk of capital into it.

Share other inexpensive ideas on how to market your business in the comment section below.


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