How should I work?

Feels so good to be back doesn’t it? Huge bummer we didn’t get to crunch Ramadan meat yeah? Sure. A lot of us felt lazy after the break I guess. I said that because I know I did but still as many of you would say, “money must be made”. How then do we make this elusive cash?

I’m not here to tell you how to make money neither am I going to make a list today, nahh. I’ll just speak generally and I’d love to hear your opinion too.

A lot of people would tell you to work your ass off before you make money but I ask myself one thing, is hardwork really the secret?. I have seen people who don’t work as hard get impressive results and people who really work their asses off still live in abject poverty. Unfair yeah? Maybe. But there’s actually a difference between working hard and working smart you know? One thing I emphasize a lot on this blog is planning. You can’t keep working without a plan and expect to yield results. Have you asked yourself why you do what you do? Why you aren’t achieving the results you expect? What you should be doing differently? If you should even be doing what you’re doing? The questions are infinite but if you don’t stop to give yourself these reality checks, how do you evaluate yourself.

No matter how much you say motivationals are a lie. They always come in handy for me. A little nudge here and there won’t hurt you. Pick up a book, read. Get an audiobook, listen. Take notes, see how you can apply what you just read or listened to to yourself and your business. These things still work. You just might get that million dollar idea from that book or that tape others have discarded. Don’t be a copycat. Everyone says they are lies doesn’t mean some people don’t get results from them.

Different things work for different people. The challenge is figuring out what works for you and aligning yourself in that path. Might sound easy but it actually takes a lot of effort-focused effort but if you can put in the required work, you’re guaranteed to see results. So as we get into the activities of the day, remember to plan and plan well.

I’d love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below. Hard work or smart work?


2 thoughts on “How should I work?

  1. I’ll surely go with smart work… Bricklayers work hard, but then they’re still bricklayers right. I believe work is more enjoyable when there’s a sense of purpose to what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. Find the purpose,then work becomes fun.


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