Making the Most out of your Mondays

It’s a cold morning in my part of the world (Nigeria). Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim readers.

On to the business of the day. Mondays..Mondays..The dreaded Mondays. You probably went to bed last night beating yourself up to how short the weekend was. I’ve been there. We have all been there. i usually wake up to mails and to-dos. I bet you probably do too. Frustrating right? Right. The big question here is, How do i make the most out of my Mondays? How do i wake up on a Monday morning beaming with smiles? Lets go through some tips shall we?

  • Prepare for Monday on Friday: It’s best to stay organized. Can’t stress this enough. If you leave a huge pile of work unorganized on Friday, you’ll get to work meeting that huge pile plus additional work on Monday. Keeping a prioritized to-do list will go a long way too.
  • Start the day early: Start Monday how you see the week ahead.Be ahead of yourself and avoid that feeling of “never catching up”. You can’t wake up late and expect to achieve much. The rush will ruin the day. Trust me.
  • Have something to look forward to:  Schedule the diary to include something you really want to do or are excited about.Mondays should include some fun and a reason to want to get up and going. Work on the new best piece, start a fresh chapter or visit a favorite client. Make sure Monday works for you. This works for me.
  • Build a Monday Playlist: You didn’t think i would talk about music right? Oh I love music. I bet a number of you do too. I’m typing this right now listening to Alt J’s “An awesome wave” album and believe me, typing this has been fun all the way.
  • Take a break: Hit the ground running on a Monday but control the pace. Take breaks throughout the day when possible; walk around, get outside and look away from the computer. Try the 20/20 rule; 20 minutes looking at the screen then 20 seconds looking away. It is a habit to learn but it makes a difference.
  • Work Work Work Work Work: Do productive meaningful work. Work according to schedule prioritizing your work in order of importance. Never miss a deadline. Also, enjoy yourself.

Lets make Mondays fun again. I’m having fun here doing what i love. Are you? Share your Monday experience with us below.


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