“Why Should I Hire You?”

BOOM!!! The Infamous Question is here again. There’s probably no way you can escape this question as a job seeker. Every interviewer will ask you. This is the “ghen ghen” moment. The moment everyone expects you to come up with some Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech and get that round of applause or probably the appointment letter on the spot. Many have fallen at this stage. Many have survived several minutes of questions only to stumble and fall to the “Why Should I hire you?” giant. How do you walk into the interview room and come out standing after being asked that? Lets dive into it. continue reading


5 Business Questions to Ask Yourself

How are you doing today? How is work? Are you fine? I hope the answer to all is FINE. See? Questions Questions Questions. Very important in our day to day dealings. A lot of knowledge is gained from asking. I ask a lot of questions. Must be why i know so much(lol..I’m whining). The point I’m trying to make here is the importance of asking cannot be overemphasized so, before you make that all important business decision, here are 5 things to ask yourself.

  1. What does your business solve: I can’t stress this enough. You need to answer this before diving into any other thing. Read about what Startup Nation solves here. Ask your customers why they choose to buy from you. This will also help improve your customer relations. Figure out your biggest revenue drivers and which parts of your business aren’t profitable enough.
  2. What is your pricing strategy: Customers pay for value. It is difficult to make a large gross profit on a commodity. How do you hope to drive revenue? what do you need to add or subtract. Fix the price that matches what you offer.
  3. How much time do you spend generating revenue: If you are not generating revenue because all of your money is spent on payroll, then your overhead is too high—and a high overhead sinks companies in the long run. (Read this somewhere and it makes all the sense in the world).
  4. Who are your most valuable customers and which are the most costly: Review your gross profit by customer, and ask your employees(if any) which customers are the biggest abusers of company resources. This might be tasking but definitely worth it.
  5. What is your social media strategy: My personal favorite. In the words of a friend of mine, “leverage the internet”. If not used well, it can be a waste of time but if used right, you’ll smile at the end.:D

What questions do you think people should ask themselves? Tell us in our comment section.

How is electricity affecting businesses in Nigeria?

Everyone, or should i say most people want to own a business and make millions in weeks. Maybe in other developed countries this would be a certainty of which i highly doubt this is true(what do you think?) but in Nigeria, that sort of thinking, many would term as foolish(Nigerians are quick to use that word. i wonder why). The word i would use is, well, unlikely. There are a number of reasons why this is so. Power is a major reason and I’m writing about power right now because as i powered my laptop to write this article, NEPA, PHCN, Electricity Distribution Company or whatever they are called now struck and deprived me of the very thing I’m writing about, POWER. :(:(:(. continue reading